“Oldboy” now available!

Oh Dae-Su, the main character in Park Chan-wook’s film “Oldboy” starring Choi Min-sik is now available! Includes a hammer accessory! Download him in pop-culture section.

Thank you!

I would just like to thank the guest artists on the site again for the fanatastic work they’ve contributed, the creators of all the work that inspired these toys, and certainly the sites visitors and the community that has sprung […]

Bunch o’ stuff

Meta Knight and Waddle Dee are now available on the main page. So one of my recent announcements was the show I’ll be in in December, I thought I’d have been able to share the second last week but we’ll […]

Instructional video

I haven’t gotten around to making any kind of instructional video yet, but it seems someone has!  YouTube poster mroruga has posted a video of MC Chris being put together. At the end of the video you will notice some […]

“Wake up, Crono!” – Crono (Chrono Trigger) is now available!

One of my favorite RPG’s of all time is Chrono Trigger on the SNES. The silent protagonist of the game, Crono, is now available! Check out pop-culture section to download him!

Marshall Alexander’s Foldskool Heroes Series 3!

Marshall Alexander has unleashed his newest Foldskool Heroes series – and it’s amazing.  Go download them here. [ LINK ]

In case you missed them…

From time to time I may add new models to the blog if I feel they don’t necessarily fit on the main page, so make sure to subscribe to the RSS or check back often.  In case you missed them: […]

Shamshel (Neon Genesis) is now available!

The Fourth Angel, Shamshel from Neon genesis Evnaglion is now available! Download it in the pop-culture section! (and yes, this head design will be popping up again attached to a certain Silent Hill resident…)

EVA-01 now available!

EVA-01 is now available! Cubee by guest artist Bryan Lie (MGS4 and ZOE series). Download it in pop-culture section!

Save the Date

Too Art for TV, New York’s 3rd Annual Fine Art Exhibit for the Animation Industry, opens in 2 weeks at Erebuni Gallery space. “Erebuni is pleased to present Too Art for TV 3, the third annual group exhibition showcasing the […]