Happy New Year!

Well the year is just about through as I type this.  Cubeecraft year 2 is coming, and there is a lot planned.  I have to apologize to everyone again for the lateness of the Alice series.  On top of my […]

I’ve got mail!

My cat Zelda has found a package for me.  What secrets lay hidden inside? Let’s open it!

El Chapulin Colorado is now available!

From the tv series of the same name. Created and played by Roberto Gomez Bolaños. Get him in the pop-culture section.

Purple Tentacle is now available!

From the game “Day of the Tentacle” created by Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer. Grab it in the pop-culture section!

Cubeecraft Christmas Tree!

Another Cubeecraft Christmas tree… and this one is huge! Maire has done a great job covering her tree in Cubeecraft from both this site and many of the deviantart artist (including herself!).  Wow! ALSO! Papercraft enthusiest Shawn has pointed me […]

Cubeecraft | Facebook

Are you a Cubeecraft fan? Are you on Facebook? Why don’t you become a Cubeecraft fan on facebook by clicking here?  Why become a fan on Facebook?  You can upload photos, post comments and keep track of the sites goings […]

Harlancore presents Marvel Boxpunx

Remember the the X-Punx?  Yeah?  Well go get some more Marvel Characters now!

The Little Prince is now available!

The Little Prince (Le Petite Prince) from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is now available. Cubee by guest artist frnss. Download him in the pop-culture section.

Longcat is now available!

Guest arist James Olson has come up with something pretty cool.  He has created the internet famous Longcat – but the toy is modular – pieces can be added to make Longcat even longer!  The above image does not at […]

Cubeecraft Christmas Tree

Francesca has sent along a photo of the Christmas tree she has at the game studio where she works.  Looks awesome.  w00t!