Balrog (from Cave Story) is now available!

Balrog from the game “Cave Story” is now available. You can get the game FREE here. Cubee by guest artist Taxis. Download it in the pop-culture section.

Bomberman now available!

Well, Bombermen actually.  Black and white versions of the Hudson Soft hero are now available! Cubees by guest artist Taxis (Wesker, Rei) Grab them in the pop-culture section.

Transformers stop motion

Oldie but goodie. Thanks to Bryan for reminding me this existed.

“I can’t wait until I see you.” Scott Pilgrim Cubees next week.

Next week Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim Volume 5 will debut (you can order it on Amazon or from the source at Oni Press).  There will be a ton of stuff going on in support of the book at the […]

Smashing Magazine lists cubeecraft amongst its “50 more beautiful and original 404 error designs”

If you’ve ever gotten a 404 Error on Cubeecraft then you’ve found Error from Zelda 2.  Smashing Magazine has compiled a list “50 more examples of beautiful and original 404 error designs“. For those of you who might be collecting […]

Cubeecraft 3D animation featuring Master Chief

3D Cubeecraft animation by Giuseppe Mastroeni!

Shin Tanaka/ Giant Robot/ Scion Contest

“Scion and Giant Robot are challenging readers to design their own paper figures for a chance to meet the master of paper figures himself [Shin Tanaka] and have their paper toy template distributed at the Paper Art Show in April!” […]

VaL-09 is here!

Just in time for Valentines Day – “The Love Machine” VaL-09 has arrived! Give VaL-09 something special to say with some word balloons! Download VaL-09 here.

Voodoo Stubey papercraft toothpick holder

Voodoo Stubey by 3Eyed Bear for Saltnpaper, papercraft toothpick holder. Get him here. [ LINK ]

Portal gun replica

You may already know I am a big fan of fan art.  Check out this replica Portal gun by artist Harrison Krix. There are more pics and a video over at engadget. [ LINK ]