Huntik’s Dante Vale is now available on!

Dante is one of the main characters in the show Huntik (It’s on Saturday Mornings on the CW4Kids – or you can watch it now FREE here.)  The show is about a group of adventures who wield magical powers and  […]

Reog Ponorogo Papertoy by Sal Azad

Reog Ponorogo is a folk dance with 25-40 dancers staged full moon nightly in paseban, Ponorogo Town Square. Tells about the palace of queen Kediri kingdom. On the way from Bantarangin kingdom to Kediri, Singbarong as leader conquered tigers and […]

Yankee Gal (animated short)

Hit the jump to check out the animated short “Yankee Gal” by Antoine Perez, Celine Desrumaux, Francois Pons and Gary Levesque with music by Olivier Calmel. (via Design You Trust)

Cubeecraft Princess Bride video on Facebook

Someone had posted a nice little Cubeecraft Princess Bride video on Facebook, and now it’s gone. Does anyone know what happened to it/who made it?

It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Guest artist Glen Brogan is back!  Presenting Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, the real life Donkey Kong hi-score contenders from the documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” (recommended viewing!).  Hit the jump for download links and make […]

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneone

From user SnakeMGL comes this video of exactly what NOT to do with a Cubeecraft. I cannot emphasize enough what a bad idea this is.

Robot Carnival

Ever seen “Robot Carnival”? It’s worth checking it out if you haven’t (though I believe it’s out of print in the US). It is an anime anthology made up of 9 shorts with one thing in common – ROBOTS! The […]

Shyguy now available!

Shyguy ( from the Super Mario Bros universe) is now available in the Pop-Culture section.

“Gary” animated short

Hit the jump to watch the animated short “Gary” by Clement Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard, and Quentin Chaillet. The short is in French but there is very little dialogue and it should be pretty clear what is going on. […]

Shadowtrooper now available on DeviantART

Not simply an “inverted” version of the existing Stormtrooper Cubeecraft, this alternate is a full re-color. Download it at my DeviantART page here.