Castleforte’s WACK Paper toy (and contest)

Brian Castleforte (aka Nice Bunny) has a new paper toy available – WACK! WACK is a character from Brian’s upcoming iphone app.  From the site: Wack is a virtual pet monster in your pocket, that you can torment and play […]

Speakerdog Paper Toys Series 6

Ben the Illustrators Speakerdog series reaches #6!  A lot of great stuff by a variety of designers and illustrators.  Grab them here. Congrats Ben!

Urban Paper: Book Launch & Paper Toy Art Show @ SUBWALK, The Netherlands (August 1)

Urban Paper the Movie from Studio N8 on Vimeo. PRESS: Gallery SUBWALK in Arnhem, the Netherlands opens on Saturday August 1st Urban Paper: book launch + paper toys art show. The show will be a celebration of the European release […]

Silent Bob is now available!

Silent Bob as seen in Clerks: The Animated Series, is now available.  Grab him here. I recently started listening to Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s FREE “Smodcast”.  It is definitely not safe for work but it is also definitely funny.  […]

Hipster-of-the-Month #3, “Gutter Punk Crusty Bank”

All new Hipster-of-the-month by Bryan over at “Heroin-addict hobos from around the country are overrunning hipster haven Williamsburg – living in stalled luxury condo projects in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood. The squatters, from middle-class families, hop freight trains to […]

Ghostbusters trailer… from 1954?

Funny mash-up of several old films to give a glimpse of what a Ghostbusters movie might have looked like if made back in the mid-50’s.

Sega Dreamcast now available!

Grab it here. Like the NES it can be used as a replacement head by most Cubeecraft.

3 Eyed Bear’s Killer

A new paper toy by 3 Eyed Bear for horror-comic-magazine, Bloeddorst: Killer. Get it here.

Dolly Oblong’s Paper Cat Pack

Bright ‘n shiny Sunny, laid-back Ziggy, cute ‘n cuddly Tommie and crazyBang Bang are all available now over at Dolly Oblong’s site here.

Watchmen Nanibird Customs

2 custom Nanibirds inspired by Watchmen by Horrorwood.  You can grab them from Horrorwood’s site or directly from Josh McKible’s Nanibird homepage.