Kokeshi Lolita Paper Toy

The latest and greatest from Chritopher Bonnette (Macula) is now available! “This paper Kokeshi Lolita’s name is Miyu. She likes to dress in Wa Lolita Fashion. Wa Lolita’s tend to dress in traditional Japanese fashion. You can tell she is […]

Disney Buying Marvel

Disney is buying Marvel (Spider-man, X-Men, Iron Man…). More info here. Image by Khary Randolph.

Sega Sports Dreamcast now available!

Now available as an exclusive on my Deviantart page, it is the Sega Sports edition Sega Dreamcast.  You can grab it here.

Thunder Panda’s Paper Gangsta Series

Check out what’s new at Thunder Panda – the Paper Gangsta series. 5 templates you can download absolutely free! The othert 2 have a problem though, they’ve run out of cash! “Meet Paper Gangsta !, a collective of 7 freaks, […]

8-Bit Trip

Thanks Brian!

Yuken Teruya’s Paper Trees from Consumer Bags

I have mentioned this artist before on the Cubeelog and Yuken Teruya continues to impress with his newest set of work “Notice-Trees”. “In the Notice-Forest series, Teruya cuts one side of a paper bag in a tree shape. The cut-out […]

Calling All Cars Wave 5

Wave 5 of Horrorwood’s Calling All Cars collection is now available!  Grab them here.

Justice League Papercraft at Arby’s (courtesy of Matt Hawkins)

Via Custom Paper Toys: “Here are some paper bobble heads I designed at C3 for Arby’s kid’s meal. They will be arriving at stores this week some time for a limited time. So stop in to Arby’s and get some […]

Urban Paper Tokyo Mascot

mckibillo (nanibird) has created this official mascot for the upcoming Urban Paper book launch in Tokyo.  Grab your own here.