Wednesday Comics 10.21.09

Better late than never! Hit the jump to see this weeks picks.

Alexander Gwynne

Skeletoon, Werewolf, Hockey Mask Murderer and Cool Keeper are all available now at Alexander’s site here.

Pics From Urban Paper Kansas City

Pics from Matt Hawkins’ Urban paper Toy Show in Kansas City.

Pop-Up Book… Made of Lego!

I especially love that the outside resembles Lego packaging as well. Thanks Ed!

“Halloween Special” by Brian Castleforte

More Halloween goodness!  Brian “Nice Bunny” Castleforte has come up with this Halloween candy dish for your building pleasure. You can donwload it here.

Xenogears Remix Album

The folks over at OverClocked have put together another ReMix album, this time it’s Xenogears. You can grab the album on the official site here.

The Gathering of the Paper Toys

Methuup da Funky One has posted some video of his paper toy collection… WOW. Another video (closer up) and links to his photo gallery after the jump.

God Hates Higgs Boson Particles, Sabotages Scientists

“Explosions, scientists arrested for alleged terrorism, mysterious breakdowns — recently Cern’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has begun to look like the world’s most ill-fated experiment. Is it really nothing more than bad luck or is there something weirder at work? […]

Desktop Gremlins: Dream Genie

The latest from David Landis’ Desktop Gremlins is here – Dream Genie! “Step right up and imagine the thing you want most–your strongest desire! Now quietly whisper your ambition into the ear of the Dream Genie and if he dreams […]