200th Cubeecraft… R2-D2 is now available!

Cubee # 200!!!

Grab him(?) here.

There will be something new everyday this week so be sure to check back.

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16 Responses to “200th Cubeecraft… R2-D2 is now available!”

Finally some of the Rebel Alliance appear…although I’m not sure how well R2 will do alone against Vader, Storm and Shadow Troopers.

(Starts customizing lots of astromechs)

I just got this crazy idea of a Cubee X-Wing… O_o

any chance of alice?!

Thanks. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.

Its not exactly how I was expecting it though.
I was expecting the square boxy body, but thought the legs should be seperate.
In my mind, his body would be held at the angle that his body is at in the movies, with solid legs coming down the same way that arms are normally done for a CubeCraftling.
I was even thinking of making his dome slightly larger like a normal Cubecraft too.
Any chance of a version 2? In the unlikely event that I end up with lots of spare time, I may have a go at this myself.
This isn’t a complaint. What’s here is great. This is just an improvement suggestion.

I have been waiting for this. THANK YOU!!

Slowly my Star Wars scene is coming together. Thanks. I might put a fro on it and make it a Family Guy Star Wars

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nice to see you making these for the site again

his third leg is missing….

^^ LOL!

Seriously though his third leg retracts when he is in the upright position, duh!

Yeah, could be cool, if someone make 3rd leg like Bionic Commando`s hand. And also, primary legs should be separated of body and sticked to it


Hmmmm… the legs look kinda fragile…

so cool make a darth vader one and clone troopers

Wow! That is one creative Cubee!

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