Sa da tay! Pootie Tang now available!

As played by Lance Crouther in the movie “Pootie Tang” written and directed by Louie C.K. Grab him here. Kapa-Chow.

We Are Paper Toys! Contest

I just wanted to highlight that is giving away copies of We Are Paper Toys! in a contest that ends on June 30th.  All you have to do to win is take a summer-themed picture of some of your […]

Léon (The Professional) is now available!

As played by Jean Reno in the film “Léon: The Professional” written and directed by Luc Besson. Included silenced pistol, plant and glass of milk accessories.  Grab him here.

We Are Paper Toys! (Book+Contest)

We Are Paper Toys! is now available.  Collected by Louis Bou and published by Harper Collins, the book features work from over 30 Paper Toy artists including yours truly. Along with the book comes a DVD with printable templates from […]

Slick (Gulf Spill Bird)

I created Slick to help raise awareness of the animal life that is being effected by the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You can download Slick here. If you would like to help you can make donations to […]

“Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman.”

Gordon Freeman is the silent protagonist of the Half-Life series of game by Valve software is now available!  Gordy comes with his trusty crowbar.  And what’s this?  He brought a friend!  Headcrab is also now available! The headcrab can be […]

Pearl Harbor Trilogy by Bryan Green

A set of planes by Bryan Green of Paper Foldables.  You can grab them here.

It’s a Secret to Everyone

“bit and run” — Mario’s Ladder from Cory Godbey on Vimeo.


Thanks Mark!

Hugo and Dharma Van

SPOILER ALERT! Lost may be over but that doesn’t have to stop you from continuing the implied adventure as Hugo and Ben take over as the island’s protectors.  I know there is now Ben papertoy as of yet, but you […]