Megaman Universe Trailer

I don’t know anything more about it other than what is in this trailer but I think it’s a likely a good things for us Megaman/Capcom fans.

Rouge (Sonic X) now available!

It has been awhile but there is a new Cubeecraft available at – Rouge from the animated series Sonic X. Rouge the Bat is a world famous treasure hunter. Her voluptuous and daring attitude turns any man’s head. Her […]

Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft + Video

You may have seen pictures of the Howl’s Moving Castle papercraft around the net but I haven’t seen anyone else attempt it until now.  Ben Millet took 72 hours across 3 weeks to complete the model ( and it looks […]

Shin Tanaka/Uni Qlo

Shin Tanaka’s work on display at Uni Qlo here in NYC. Uni Qlo is a Japanese clothing store that ussually has awesome T-Shirts.  I am wearing a Godzilla shirt from there as I type this. More pics here. Via mrmarkrobson

Jerom’s Leeche

A collaboration with Stan from Diary of Inhuman Species, Leeche is available now here.

Red Rapper – EVO 2010 Finals Intro

Congrats to all the folks who went to compete at EVO this year! Thanks Mark for the heads up to this vid!

T-Ninja’s Ninja Tagger

You can grab it here.

Zerolabor’s Gumsta

Have you dreamed of a paper toy that you can dispose of your chewed gum in?  What?  You’ve been spitting al your gum into your Cubeecraft?  To each his own I guess, but Zerolabor has created the first paper toy […]

Steve Zissou now available!

As played by Bill Murray the movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” directed by Wes Anderson – Steve Zissou is now available.  Grab him here.

Nu (Chrono Trigger) now available!

Fangamer is holding a Chrono Trigger Fanfest right now with a ton of great community challenges and other goings on including a number of free giveaways and project ideas including a Cubeecraft version of Nu! Nu comes with a Mop […]