Horrorwood: Skull King Customs

“You may remember my Skull King paper toy that was released as an exclusive free gift with the last issue of I Want Your Skull magazine. Well, Ryan of IWYS and I got together and decided to recruit some artists […]

Sidewalk Mario

Super Mario Bros. from Surfap on Vimeo.

Tougui’s Billy Sweet Monster

4 customs of Tougui’s new template – available here.

In Case You Missed It: Master Chief

The Cubeecraft Master Chief was the 11th Cubee I ever posted on the site!  I thought Bungie Day (every year on the seventh day of the seventh month…) would be a “In Case You Missed it” for him.  Of course […]

Paper Box World: Kiwi

Dré’s Kiwi paper toy is now available over at Paper Box World. Grab it here.

Desktop Gremlins: Shadow Eater

“Ward off shadows and bad luck of all kinds with this miraculous monstrosity!  The Shadow Eater sits on your desk as a “grotesque” scaring away evil forces that might be conspiring against you. If some bad luck should try to […]

Frylock now available!

Better late than never!  Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Frylock is now available!  Grab him here, and don’t forget to grab the rest of the crew while you’re at it if you haven’t already… Edit: Fixed spelling. : P