Marshall Alexander’s Ulrike and Annika

“Meet Ulrike and Annika, your friendly flight attendants of ‘Free Space Airlines’. It’s quite some work to build them (5 pages of parts), but you will be rewarded with your own set of sexy twins.” You can download them in […]

Papercuts Back to #1 Most Harmful Cubeecraft Related Issue.

Not the message I wanted to see first thing in the morning yesterday. It looks like a partner ad network ran into an issue with some malware and Cubeecraft was flagged by Google as potentially unsafe. I removed the offending […]

How to Make a T-Shirt out of a $5 Bill

I would assume this works with other denominations such as $1, $10 and $20 bills as well.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Creep [Radiohead]

Somewhat haunting rendition of Radiohead’s song Creep by Scala and the Kolacny Brothers which is being used in trailers for David Fincher’s The Social Network. I hear the actual soundtrack is being composed by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor […]

Pressman’s Hat How-To

Way back when printers wore these paper hats to keep ink, lint and grease out of their hair.  Very stylish!  You can learn a bit about pressman and find instructions for making your own paper hat here via CapeCodToday.

Wild Bill Guarnere by Jules Perdana

Check out this sweet paper toy based on World War 2 soldier Staff Sergeant William J. “Wild Bill” Guarnere from Easy Company, 101st Airborne Division by Jules Perdana. You can grab it here (via

Paper Craft Paul

Mascot for website Triple Dog Dare (get it?!).  You can download them er.. it, here.

Dolly Oblong Paper Totems

I mentioned them a few days ago so let’s just take a peek at the latest of Dolly Oblong’s Paper Totems by Jonny Wan, Katari, and Dan Matutina. Grab them here!

Giraffe by f-anton

A cute giraffe paper toy. Grab it here. (via

H-Man by Vinsart

H-Man by vinsart.  Ever tried to stack Cubeecraft?  I have tried, and you know what?  Kinda difficult after a certain point.  If stackable paper toys is your thing you might have better luck with Vinsart’s H-Man which you can grab […]