Adventure Time Paper Foldables

Bryan of Paper Foldables has been busy completing this series of algebraic Adventure Time Paper Foldables now available here.  Right now only Flynn, Jake and Beemo are available but make sure to check back because there are more to come. […]

BorBot from Dikids

I can finally take that trip back to the center of the Earth with this BorBot papertoy.  I think I dropped my keys running from a T-Rex. Grab your own here. (via

Tougui’s Billy Sweet Monster

The brilliant Tougui’s Billy Sweet Monster is now available.  Grab it and the other amazing customs here.

Masa & Mune (Chrono Trigger) now available!

A second Fangamer CT Fanfest Cubeecraft.  Grab it here.  (You must scroll down to the actual post.) 1 page print out for both characters also includes broken sword and hero badge.

Phil Necro by Guillain Le Vilain

“Another PaperToy about love and desires for the french movie festival “Desir Desirs” !” You can grab it here.

Urban Beaver by Design for Days

Urban Beaver papertoy by Design For Days.  Grab it here.

Scott Pilgrim Wave 2 Available Again (for now)

YES!  You can put on your own little paper Sex Bob-omb show (if you haven’t already.) I have temporarily posted a zip file for all the folks who’ve been writing and asking where they can get the second Scott Pilgrim […]

LOST – 12 Minute Epilogue

Wraps up a few loose ends the end of the series didn’t…