The Witcher’s “Prisoner” now available!

“Despite his short penitentiary experience, the Prisoner has already owned up to many offences ranging from high treason to promiscuity. So far, his willing testimony did not make any difference in his situation, and even caused disapprobation of the Torturer […]

Avengers Cubed

Awesome set of costumes made for Dragoncon 2010.  From left to right: Dr.Doom, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Loki, Ms.Marvel, The Beast, Thor and the Red Skull. View the entire Flickr set here. via Neatorama Thanks Mark!

Curious Breakfast by Paper Donut

A complete paper breakfast from the folks at Paper Donut.  Click here to check out the rest of the photos. Thanks Anastasiya!

Paper Pope by Craig Russell

“In the good old British tradition of taking the piss. I’ve release a new paper toy to commemorate the visit of the Pope to the UK. The Paper Pope, comes with a selection of choice papal paraphrased nonsense to attach […]

The Witcher’s Geralt now available!

Because of a series of unfortunate events and false accusations, Geralt landed in a dungeon. It is not the first criminal episode in the witcher’s career, but what else can we expect of an itinerant monster slayer dealing with elven […]

Papertom’s Propaganda

Grab it here.

Taco Truck Paper Toy

Taco truck paper toys! Grab them here.

Pop Tag! Paper Foldables

Bryan over at Paper Foldables has unleashed these cute Pop Tag! Paper Foldables which you can download here.

JustUs’s Pixel Blox Characters

New line of paper toys from paper toy designer JustUs (JustMan, Helmut) featuring pixel art style characters. Grab them here.

Tubbypaws Mario Bros Tribute – Ceiling Pipe

“its happy papercraft blocky 3d tribute time again. this time to magical plumbers and the happy worlds they travel too. i read that all plumbers are magical and now you can be too with your own entrance to a magical […]