Herokid Mini Magic Box

“Herokid™ is a skate/street art clothing brand created by Robert Roman (Registred Kid). Their T-Shirt boxes fold up into their logo. They also have an online printable version you can grab here. via Lovely Package Thanks Mark!

Facebook Request Non-Contest

Are you on Facebook? Are you a fan of Cubeecraft on Facebook? Well if you are check out this page and leave a request in the comments with a character you would like to see Cubee-fied before midnight EST on […]

Zelda Medley by Minibosses/Chromelodeon

Five years ago a few friends (including Mark Robson of the Bit for Byte podcast) and myself were lucky enough to be in the audience for the above show. This is also the show I had an NES controller signed […]

Billy Sweet Monster Pandacrew Customs

Grab them here (via paperkraft.net).

Caver by FECHE now available!

A new original is now available!  “Caver” by FECHE.  Grab him here.

Humble Indie Bundle #2

“Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $85 but we’re letting you set the price! All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. We don’t use DRM. When you […]

“Here Comes a Special Boy!”

Phillipe from the webcomic “Achewood” by Chris Onstad is now available.  Grab him here.

“style needs no color”

“these customs were originally created for the ‘style needs no color’-booth at the Blooom! art fair in cologne, now they are available for download on my blog! i give you 12 brand new custom designs from some of my favorite […]