Movie Title Swap Part 1

Found some more Photoshop stuff I did awhile back.  The idea was to take a movie and swap the title with another for comedic effect… Anyway, hit the jump for more.

Steampunk Nintendo

Before I started this site I did a lot of messing around in Photoshop in my free time.  I was recently digging through a mess of old thumb drives when I found some work I did from a few years […]

Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars Cubeecraft Series

The papercraft based on a video game, based on a toy, based on a cartoon show, based on a movie. I don’t know if it’s a first but it seems pretty meta. Anakin Skywalker, Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, C-3PO and R2-D2 […]

Mario Diorama

Pretty sweet Mario diorama. Nice work Jackson! (via Kiddos and Crafts)

Kick Ass Annie Project X Cubeecraft

Inspired by the awesome work over at the kick Ass Annie Project (see here) here is Koyama press’s mascot Kick Ass Annie.  The Kick Ass Annie Project features different artists interpretations of Koyama Press’ Kick Ass Annie logo. (The original […]

Matt Hawkins X Sam Garcia “Bouru”

“I’m very excited to share this months free papertoy Bouru with you, a collaboration between me and my pal cartoonist and illustrator Sam Garcia. It was great fun working with someone as passionate and talented as Sam. When he sent me […]

II Love #8 now available – 2 exclusive Cubeecraft

Tee latest issue of II Love the paper toy e-zine is now available.  The issue features interviews with Nick Knite, Jonathan Greenwell (Jonny Chiba), ABZ (Abigail Braceros), and myself.  There are a bunch of exclusive paper toys inside including the […]


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Marshall Alexander’s Kaia

“Let me introduce you to Kaia, a surfer girl from the island Oahu and my tribute to the beautiful ladies from the Hawaiian Islands. It’s been a while since I did a female model (the twins Ulrike and Annika), so […]