Blue Robo is now available!

Blue Robo is the hero in the upcoming iOS casual strategy game RoboArena by Bravado Waffle Studios. They are currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to help raise funds for publishing the game, you can help them out by pledging and […]

The Batman Complex

A fun movie mash up.

Cubeecraft Show Opens May 6th!

THANK YOU! It’s been a crazy couple of years.  What started as a way to share my hobby with friends has just grown unimaginably!  Now’s the time to celebrate!  Brave New Worlds in Olde City Philadelphia is hosting the first […]

Metroid Metal

Metroid Metal is a band that celebrates the mysterious and hypnotic melodies from Nintendo’s classic game series, Metroid. Started by Grant “Stemage” Henry in 2003, you can find out more and download free music at I saw the band […]

Paper Koi by Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins has his own custom for the template he designed for the C3 Paper Koi Project.  Grab it here.

SA Funakoshi Gashuku 2011 Penguin

Toy Mascot for the 2011 South African Gashuku by Sinner.  Download it here.

Now I Only Want You Gone [Portal 2]

4 new Portal related Cubeecraft are available!  Vintage Storage Cube, Portal 2 Storage Cube, Portal Storage Cube, and Sentry Turret Retail Box.  Start you own testing facility today.  You can check out all of the Valve related Cubees (including Gordon […]

Base Folk by Macula

A new paper toy project from Macula.  You can grab them here.

Ghostface (Scream) is now available!

From the “Scream” movie series directed by Wes Craven.  Grab him here.