Desktop Gremlins: Game Inspired Kits

A couple of new kits from Desktop Gremlins – Ganon, Ball & Chain Trooper and Donkey Kong! You can grab all three here.

Gordy (Creaturekebab)

A new paper toy from Creaturekebab – Gordy!  Grab it here.

2001/Planet of the Apes Mash Up by Marshall Alexander

“This paperscene is based on an illustration I did a couple of years ago. It’s a mash-up of two of my favorite movies: Planet of the Apes and 2001 A Space Odyssey. Two movies that feature apes evolving into beings […]

Cheese and Grater

Cheese doesn’t look to thrilled!  Paper toys by Andy Barker and Nick Hamilton Grab them here.

Warrior Mouse by Tyler Tinsley

Tyler Tinsley has a kicked off a new Kick Starter project!  Pledgers will receive a pre-cut glue-less paper toy (seen above).  Check out the Kick Starter page for the project here.  There are various upgrades to the kit that will be […]

TMNT Shell Shock Show Opens TONIGHT

I have some work in the TMNT inspired Shell Shock show presented by the Autumn Society which just so happens to open TONIGHT! What: Shell Shock TMNT Tribute Show Where: BNW Old City (45 North 2nd St Old City Philadelphia […]

Cheetos Billion Minute Break

You can score a total of 13 Chester Cheetah Cubeecraft variants by participating in the Cheetos/Meebo Billion Minute Break!  Ninja Chester, Fopish Dandy Chester, Pirate, Robot, Cowboy… there are a lot. You can get the basic “naked” Chester by visiting […]