Fionna and Cake are now available!

From the animated series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward. Fionna and Cake created by Natasha Allegri. Grab them here.

7FT Papercraft Gundam Video

7FT Gundam Mk-2 papercraft, made up of 1250 parts on 720 pages, for a total paper weight of 10lb (4.5kg). The guy who made this had previously built a 4FT Freedom Gundam, but he burned it. That video is after […]

Star Wars Hanukkah “Droidel”

Official Star Wars Hanukkah “Droidel”. Grab it here.


As you may have noticed many websites are blacked out today in response to SOPA.  What is SOPA?  Gizmodo has a great little run down here. (Also thanks to Gizmodo for the above image).  Can’t be bothered to read all […]

Bright Red 1 & 2 by Marshall Alexander

“This is my tribute to two bright plastic toys I was totally fascinated by when I was a kid, the Viewmaster and the Etch-a-Sketch. I remember peeking into an empty viewmaster trying to see the inner workings and spending a […]

Paper Torso (With Removable Organs!)

“Australian architect and paper artist Horst Kiechle recently constructed this geometric paper torso complete with modular organs including lungs, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, stomach and more.”  See more of Horst’s work here. Via thisiscolossal. Thanks Jess M!

Tron is now available!

Tron is now available!  Cubee by guest artist randyfivesix. Grab him here. BONUS! Space paranoids arcade machine by cyberdrone: Grab it here.

Minecraft X Cubeecraft

You might be aware of the Minecraft documentary “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang” that was looking for supporters on Kickstarter.  Well if you kicked in for the project check your inbox for your Digital Backer Kit which includes not only […]

Travel Size Paper City Paris

“…the people in this set are so small that I just made them into single strips of paper that bend in half. It ends up being even easier to make than the original. It’s also quite handy to have the […]