Comic Books! I read them!

For a little while I posted what comic books I was picking up every week. I stopped doing it about 2 years ago as it wasn’t exactly related to what was going on with Cubeecraft. In case anyone is wondering […]

WOW! Cubeecraft from Draytonville and Corinth Elementary Schools

I received this e-mail this morning: “Mr. Beaumont, I am writing to you on behalf of the approximately 1600 students who have experienced cubeecraft over the last two years. Using the free templates you post online, the students have created paper […]

Pixel Pages are here!

The Cubeecraft side project Pixel Pages is now live at Single sheet  pop-up papercrafts based on art from new and classic games (and more).  As with any other Cubeecraft, tape and glue are not needed, simply download, print, cut, and […]

My Heart by Abz (

New Valentines Day Papercraft by Abz at  Grab it here.

Fangamer Packy Slips

  If you order something from Fangamer you will likely get a packy slip.  These slips feature original art or Cubeecraft designs.  See above for more info and be sure to check out

Valentines Day

Why not give the one you love/have a crush on/like/not hate at the moment some papercraft?  I have compiled a list of Valentines related papercraft (after the jump). Cupid & Anti-Cupid (Steve) Grab them here. Hit the jump for a […]

“Pixel” Heart for Valentines Day

  “Pixel-y” Heart Valentine by Kate at  Grab it here. (Via Swiss Miss)