Foldable.Me Coming Soon! (Kickstarter Is Live Now!)

The fine folks over at Mint Digital and Cubeecraft have teamed up to bring you FOLDABLE.ME!  FOLDABLE.ME will allow you to design your own custom Cubeecraft, then have it printed, die cut and sent to you, a friend, family member (or […]

Homemade Vortex Cannon

Not exactly paper toy related but i’m a fan of science and awesome stuff… and they use a cardboard box, so it’s close enough.

John Carter Decoder Badge

I’ve created a printable decoder badge based on the Thern medallion that transports John Carter to Mars/Barsoom in the movie.  At the top of the badge you’ll see the Barsoomian(?) characters used throughout the official John Carter merchandise (such as […]

Alfred Hitchcock on Happiness

Not paper related – but certainly creativity related and most certainly humanity related. [via Daring Fireball]

Photo: Woola V2

Grab it here.

Woola (John Carter) is now available!

Woola – based on the movie version of John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch and directed by Andrew Stanton (based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs).  Grab him here. UPDATE!  I’ve added an alternate version of Woola! Grab him here. ALSO – If […]

ME-KI TIKI by David Landis

The latest edition to the Desktop Gremlins Family: “EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH ME-KI TIKI! Has this ever happened to you? You ask a friend if they want to join you for lunch and they jump down your throat complaining about how […]

Warlord of Mars

John Carter is now available – based on the movie version starring Taylor Kitsch and directed by Andrew Stanton(based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs – i highly recommend the first 3 btw).  Grab him here. Woola coming soon!