DIY Cardboard Arcade

Check out 9 year old Caine’s home made arcade! [via Joystiq]

Sitting Cat by Beastory

Grab it here.  Note the neck joint instructions (I believe the head actually turns).

Katsuhiro Otomo GENGA Exhibition

The creator of Akira and Steam Boy has an exhibition of his work going on in Japan right now… and it looks redic. Yeah… and (from what I understand) it works. Lots more, including video of the bike in action at […]

Iron Golem by Christopher Ryan S (Limited Availability)

  “Iron Golem Dual Hammer is a self character i made. I accidentally found this paper toy file when I want to clean up my hard disk database. I designed in December 2010, nearly forgotten :D. And this model was build […]

Triz’s Paper Toys

  2 Adventure Time inspired paper toys by Triz.  Grab them here and check out more of Triz’s work here.  [via Super Punch]

Onyx the Half Hero Dragon

It’s been awhile but today a new Original design makes its debut!  He’s Onyx the Half Hero Dragon by David Jones!  Grab him here and check out David’s site for more about Onyx and other projects he’s involved with.

Roadkill Raccoon by Steo

  Grab it here.