Video Games!

From time to time I bring up comics I’m currently reading and games I’ve been playing. Here’s a current list of stuff I’ve been playing.  You might say “Chris, why haven’t you made Cubees of X, Y, and Z on […]

Foldable.Me Holiday Sale!

Foldable.Me let’s you create your own Cubeecraft characters then have them printed, die-cut and mailed to you (or friends/family). Just in time for the holidays they have added Santa style suits for men and women and are having a holiday […]

Monoeye (Kid Icarus Uprising) is now available!

The “Goomba” of the Kid Icarus Universe, Monoeye, is now available!  Grab it here. You may have noticed the link to is no longer on the homepage, and indeed that site is now gone as well.  I will be […]