3NES Show at Bottleneck Gallery Opening

Last night was the opening of the 3NES Show presented by Chogrin and the Bottleneck Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn. There was a ton of great work and a huge turn out. You can check out almost all of the work over at the Bottleneck Gallery website (in fact both original work and prints form the show are for sale!)


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In addition to the solid wood Cubeecraft sets in the header image (each included it’s own little enemy accessory) there were 4 oversize Cubeecraft kits available at the show. ┬áThe final paper toy stands about 8 inches (20 cm) and are available for purchase via the Bottleneck site.

[click on image to go directly to that kits purchase page.]


I’ve embedded a gallery after the jump, but again please check out the Bottleneck Gallery site for a better look and for artist credits.


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