Jellyface Contest

September 4th, 2009


Create your own custom Jellyface paper toy and enter it to win a Jellyface plush.

“Do you want to win a JELLYFACE? The only things you have to do are: download your JELLYPAPER, make your own JELLYFACE and send us a picture with the name of your new friend. The winner will be able to choose his preferred JELLYFACE among JELLYWOOD, JELLYMUCI, JELLYBONE and JELLYFUR.”

Head to Jelly Face for more info.

Jellyface paper toys

June 8th, 2009


There are three new friends of JELLYFACE: CHLO RO and PHYLL. They have been created in occasion of “World Environment Day” 2009 (5 June) and they want to say how important is planting more trees. JELLY CHLO RO and PHYLL invite you to use your face for environmental issues. If you like Jellyface you’ll love their new friends and you will plant a tree! See more information about WED 2009 at and do your part to combat climate changes. And please… use recycled paper!