[Adult Swim] Bumper online!

The title says it all.

Thank you Laney & Emery Emery for sending me the quicktime!

Again, Thank you Glen Brogan! Thank you [Adult Swim]! (Sorry about all the papercuts.)

The full bumper, as well as credits, after the jump!

[Adult Swim] bumper credits:

Music by Chris Clark (the track is “Diesel Raven” from the album Clarence Park – available on itunes.)

Cast (in order of appearance):

Space Ghost (Cubee by Glen Brogan)

Early (Cubee by Glen Brogan)

Molotov (Cubee by Glen Brogan)

Dr. Rusty Venture (Cubee by Chris Beaumont)

Domo (Cubee by Chris Beaumont)

MC Chris (Cubee by Chris Beaumont)

Bloo (Cubee by Chris Beaumont)

Cubees assembled by the [Adult Swim] crew.

All Cubees seen can be downloaded on the main page.

You can also see the bump on bumpworthy.com here.

Thanks again to Laney & Emery Emery for sending me the quicktime!

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9 Responses to “[Adult Swim] Bumper online!”


I will have to keep my eyes posted for that bumper.


Oh, thats the bumber i saw like a week ago! It introduced me to the awesome world of CubeeCraft. So thanx Adult Swim!

Must feel awesome to have your own TV ad… And for free!(I presume) XD


thats great congrats you deserve it!!!!!!!!

Curse [Adult Swim] for that bump which made me a Cubeecraft addict
..I’ve done 6 cubees in 2 days (and only one tiny papercut)

that’s so awesome!

Cool! that is sooo great!

Introduced me to this awesomeness!!!

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