Adventure Time Paper Foldables

Bryan of Paper Foldables has been busy completing this series of algebraic Adventure Time Paper Foldables now available here.  Right now only Flynn, Jake and Beemo are available but make sure to check back because there are more to come.

(Also – If you can’t get enough official Adventure Time papercraft check out the Jake papertoy by Tyler Tinsley on here.)

Thanks to Colin for the initial heads up about these!

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6 Responses to “Adventure Time Paper Foldables”

cool! glad to see someone finally get around to doing the rest of the cast.

Wait, i was the only one who told you about this? Yes, i am colin. I can’t wait for the marceline one!

awesome! I love adventure time! ^^

I wish he can do Lady Rainicorn as well~

You should make these available on your website instead of linking it to Cartoon Network.
They took them off of their website, and I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for these things.. :(

What Stich said.

I want to make a BMO to sit atop my work computer.

Can’t find it anywhere. :(

I made Finn once, but lost it. ): But I’m definitely going to make all three! Hopefully one of Marceline.<3

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