Auction to Benefit Japan



Auction to benefit Japan (direct link)

“Chris Beaumont, creator of the popular paper toy site is offering his services as a talented artist and creative mind for YOU. Request any character (including yourself or a family member – please be ready to provide reference if you win) you would like made, and Chris will make a personalized paper toy that will be e-mailed directly to you.  Check out Chris’s other work at

This auction is hosted by MAGFest (, and 100% of proceeds will go to benefit Red Cross relief efforts in Japan, to help them recover from the series of terrible natural disasters which hit just the other week. This is only one in a series of auctions, so check out the full list of auctions, as well as the details of our charity drive, at

I’m participating in Magfest’s Japan Relief auction.  As you can see from the listing above I will create any character the winner chooses.

Your personalized Cubeecraft will have a million uses! You could have it made to look like your boyfriend/girlfriend as a unique gift.  Have one made of your secret crush so that you can feel like you are with them in some creepy way.  You could have one made of your worst enemy to burn in effigy!  No more posting requests for your favorite video game/anime/movie/comic book/literary/historical character – it’s guaranteed to be realized in all its paper glory!  IT’S ALL FOR CHARITY! IT’S HAPPENING NOW! BID! BID! BID!

You can also donate directly via paypal to (make sure to send as a “gift” to avoid fees)

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