Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

A lot of game news has come out over the last few days. Some announcements seem bigger than others… and while I am a big fan of the Marvel Vs Capcom series Bionic Commando really made an impact on me when I was little and Bionic Commando Rearmed was easily in my top 3 games of 2008. My heart sank a bit when I heard Grin was shutting down because that meant the chances of a sequel were pretty much shot – but not so! A bunch of folks from Grin have re-teamed to form a new studio called Fat Shark and they are developing the sequel as a write this. Simon Viklund (who composed the remixes for the first game) also returns.

So i’m pretty psyched, but the game won’t be out until next year. In the meantime you can re-enact your favorite scenes from the original or make your own sequel with the Cubeecraft Nathan Spencer here.

[I beat Rearmed on normal before they nerfed it, and got to the last level at least in CO-OP. ]

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Nerfed it? Nice model BTW! I never liked the change they made with the Non-Rearmed Bionic Commando game.

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