Bioshock 2: Little Sister and Subject Delta Cubeecraft

If you missed these 2 in PSM3 magazine or Xbox World 360 magazine they are now available for download!

You can grab Subject Delta here.

You can Grab the Little Sister here.

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[…] Die Bioshock Papiermodelle zu “Little Sister” und “Subject Delta” könnt ihr euch bei Cubeecraft herunterladen. […]

There are also a few Bioshock papercraft downloads available from the official Bioshock website:

Go to The Cult of Rapture, and search through the downloads section.

[…] got some spare time on your hands and your not playing games.   Why not head over to Cubelog to make your very own Little Sister and Subject Delta cube craft. You’ve probably been […]

What happened to Cubee #’s 242-249?
Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of all the Cubees?

What size is the Subject Delta fig supposed to be printed on? At 100%, Delta still doesn’t fit on an 11×17! Is he that huge, or am I doing somehtin wriong? He won’t all fit on letter or legal size…

Do you need glue for delta??

Would it be easier to glue the arms and legs on with KraZy Glue?

estan estupendos los compraria todos}

very nice but you are forgeting some thing very important
the big daddy! then please make the big daddy cubeecraft

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