“Braid” characters now available!

Tim and one of the goomba-like creatures from the video game “Braid” by Jonathan Blow are now available!

Check out the pop-culture section to download them!

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13 Responses to ““Braid” characters now available!”

I like the Tim ^_^.
you need to upload a blank template.
because everyone want to be like you ^_^

he has, moron


It’s a little burried but you can find a blank template at http://www.cubeecraft.com/template.html

: )

The ‘Goomba-like’ characters are called Jumpmen… I know it’s Mario’s original name, probably a reference 😛

BTW, a Mimic(the rabbit with the plant on it’s back) wouldn’t be bad ^^
And speaking or rabbits, how come you never made a Rabbid with several alternate clothes accessories and expressions? XD

Braid is awesome. I have one stupid puzzle piece left to figure out to finish the game and I am stuck. Nice to see Tim has been “Cubee-ized”.

This is super-nifty – but why is the little guy (Jumpmen?) listed at 3/5 difficulty? He’s really simple to make.

“3 scissors. This means there is an additional part or two not seen on normal Cubee’s that will need to be attached.”

I guess. You’ve used this template a few times now (Goomba, Kirby…) Maybe it should be a 2 at the most.

You were featured on Joystiq(a well known video game news blog) ^^


i never really knew what this was…..
does anyone know when the alice in cubbeland is coming out?

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Tim reminds me of Conan O’Brien…we need a Cubee Jay Leno 😉

I love Tim, but I think the hair would look better like the vault boy hair so the front will stand up and not bend back

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