Capcom Fight Club 10.22.09


Last night Capcom held their second(?) Capcom FIght Club in NYC.  Hit the jump for pics from the event.


The line wrapped around the block.  I was waaaaaaaaay back, about 2/3 of the way of the total line.  The above view is actually around the corner from the event (taken from my place in line.)


Marvel VS Capcom 2 and the US version of Tatsunoko VS Capcom were playable – Super Street Fighter seemed to be the reason most people came out – though from what I understand it was not playable.


The first level.



A mural on the wall as you entered the basement level.


The view as you entered the basements main area.



NOT PICTURED – The first 200 people or so in line received gift bags that included a small figure, TVC towel, Ryu headband, Ryu or C.Viper figure, CFC poster, SF comic and a Juri T-Shirt.  A friend of mine had gotten their an hour earlier than I and snagged a bag – I’m sure you can find pics on Capcom Unity or SRK forums but I’ll see if I can update later with pics of his haul.

People seemed to have a good time all-in-all.  I am getting pumped for the US release of Tatsunoko VS Capcom.  They’ve added 4 new characters – Frank West from Dead Rising, Tekkaman Blade (who I was kinda surprised wasn’t in the original), Joe the Condor (So now they have 3/5 Gatchaman characters… kinda feel bad for the 2 that got left out…), and Zero from Megaman X.  The game plays a bit different from other fighters in that there are are basically only 3 attack buttons (versus 3 for punch and 3 for kick).  I found it to be pretty intuitive though.  It feels very much like the spiritual successor to the Marvel VS Capcom games which I was a big fan of.

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3 Responses to “Capcom Fight Club 10.22.09”

“It feels very much like the spiritual successor to the Marvel VS Capcom games”

Actually it’s the same series, the Capcom vs.

It is pretty different though. No more punches/kicks, just 3 attack buttons and a partner/tag.

Capcom VS SNK is another Capcom VS but I wouldn’t draw any comparisons in how it plays because of the lack of tagging and the groove system.

Sure, as in any series, there are gameplay changes. But the feel is usually constant, which gave you that spiritual successor impression.

BTW, can’t wait to play it. I love most of the series featured in the game. And I’m glad they’ve added Joe, my favourite Gatchaman XD
Too bad Phoenix Wright still didn’t make it… Let’s hope for a sequel featuring him. Capcom is too uncreative, I even have a very plausible Champions Online PW character using magatama-enhanced mind attacks. Though swinging on Dusky Bridge’s severed cable is a bit of a stretch XD

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