Carnival Action Cruisers

Every week I get requests for a way people can create their own Cubeecraft toys… well the first official Cubeecraft Creator is here courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines(?)!  What may seem like an unlikely pairing has actually resulted in a pretty sweet app.

Head over to the Action Cruisers site to create your own characters.  There are a bunch of options, lots of costumes and you can also download buddy icons and profile pictures of the characters you create as well as check out videos and more all FREE.

Thanks very much to the folks at Arnold Wordlwide and Carnival for the opportunity.

[ LINK ]

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50 Responses to “Carnival Action Cruisers”

Very Nice !!!

That is a sweet app! I can just picture scores of cruisers vacationing on cubicle desks…
Also- I want the dolphin!

I see other stuff such as a dolphin, anywhere you can download those?

Any chance of providing a backup of that Cubee maker? It’ll eventually be taken offline, and when it does I wantto still be able to print those Cubees.

SECRETS! Like there are several Easter eggs on the site…

I thought had only 2 secrets… One of them being taken off and released on the blog after the redesign, AFAIK.

BTW, couldn’t find any secrets there πŸ˜›
Unless you have to search the whole site…

Maybe they’re not avaliable yet, like some videos?

I found one “Easter egg” πŸ˜‰ the Action cruisers just totally made my week. I’m definitely making a whole fleet that look like my friends! :)

oh jeepers, I just found a bunch of things hiding! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!

I fail πŸ˜›

where i could not find any

I guess its good but I dont see no afros for people like me!

where r the eastereggs?

I was able to click on the ones at the bottom (dolphin, palm tree etc) after I created one and sent one to my mom.

Choose the first set of lips on the last screen. (open red lips) They get placed on the side of the head. πŸ˜‰

And why does the dancing female outfit not come with shoes?

They are so cool!!

AcTiOn CrUzErS! RoCk!

Nice work! I like how the site plays up the humor of “Action Cruisers!”

es muy bonito cubeecraft

queridos fanaticos de cubecraf para que sepan mi clase emos echo mas de 1000 cubecraf

Has anyone found the towel or the surfboard?

I like the website

Wish they had a red hair option

i want the swimsuite for my action cruzer

you need the surfer to have the surfboard

what are the easter eggs

I really intrested in this game ,but,my english is bad,i do not konw how to play it,there have someone can help me,tell me how to play it?thank you very much!!!!!!

so cool!

Did anyone try this game then teach me please!!!!!

FWIW, the Easter Egg links are broken.
They should be:….
but they are….

So now they’re super Easer Eggy.

muito bom esse site

este site foi o melhor q eu ja entrei
e eu quero fazer um boneco meu!!!!!!

i like papercraft and other art

There should be a Pirate setting. So like, for Eye Wear, there could be a Eye Patch, and for Hair, there could be like a Bandana or like really messy hair. I think this would be a good idea because its ocean themed…


what sucks is that you cant do robots. I demand a site where you can make a robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to create some cubee crafts in this page because I see that some boys create in this page and I will do one.

How do U get the dolphin?!? How do U get the jetskii?!? These are weird! Me as a 9 year old can’t Bare the fact that no one would tell me!!!!!!!! I made a me as an Excursionist (because i like to explore)And a Josh gates Excursionist And an abominable snowman named Garry…So i have a pretty open mind(and a desperate one!)

i think this game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING ME MORE MORE MORE I SAY, I LOVE GAMES+ CHOCOLATE<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3"<3<3

i got a shark, no dolphin. i see a snorkeler, but cant get it, why?

i also got a captain hat, palm tree, water and beach

hello boys I am Santi

wat do yu wan tu du tumorou and tudey


They are so cool! New!

I pu my action cruiser the muscle bound and make it bald so i can design his/her clothes and hair.Go cubeecraft!

they should have more girl hairstyles, More clothing like child,teen and adult clothing! Plus school uniforms, and more facial stuff πŸ˜€


ooi eu moro no brasil e vi esse site na revista vogue Kids ,adorei esse site vou faser vΓ‘rios bonequinhos,,,

I MADE 1 OF MYSELF! The stupid thing is u can’t make any robots monsters zombies ghosts mummys spiders TNT littel blocks palm tree whails a beach towel hippos sharks fish and other cool stuff. But u can make humans.

very awesome this site

How do i start this creator? Or will/should it start by itself?

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