Metal Mikey is now available!

A new original from guest artist Prawnsoda is now available – Metal Mikey! Grab him here.

Zombie BFF by Abz is now available!

A new original has arrived courtesy of Abi Braceros (aka Abz) – Zombie BFF!  You can download it here.  Be sure to check out for more of Abi’s fantastic paper toy work.      

2010 Calendar Cubeecraft: KaL-10

The new model Calender Cubee KaL-10 is now available.  Replaceable faces for every month of the year.  Grab it here. (Blue version available in Imagine FX Magazine)

So So Death by Horrorwood

The latest Designer original is here!  So So Death by Jack Hankins (aka Horrorwood).  You can download him here.  Also be sure to check out Horrorwood’s site for a ton of other great paper toys.

Kakuula is now available!

Collaboration by French graphic designer Chent and Cubeecraft. Download here.

“Hermit” by The Hermit Design now available!

Cubee is the creation of guest artist The Hermit Design. Download here.

“The Other Nebres”

My friend Ed Nebres suffered a stroke one day at work.  He came through and though he hasn’t been back since he is constantly in our thoughts.  At the time I was working on “Chaotic”, a TV show/card game.  Someone […]

Anneka Tran’s “TV Head” now available!

Download here! This week’s Designer Original is by illustrator Anneka Tran. Check out here site here! Thanks Anneka!

Tougui’s “Garry” is now available!

“Garry” by guest artist Tougui is now available – Grab him in the Originals section! Make sure to check out Tougui’s website for a ton of awesome work including more awesome papertoys!

Glen Brogan’s “Ernie from the Black Lagoon” now available!

Ernie from the Black Lagoon is the creation of Glen Brogan (Mayor McCheese, Hellboy). You can see more of Ernie on Glen’s site here. Grab him in the Originals section!