The Urban Paper Collective is Go!

I am very happy to announce that the Urban Paper Collective has opened its doors. The UPC is an international group of paper toy artists, including myself, that have been connected for years via email and various social media but […]

Urban Paper Toy Show 2013 [Updated]

The 2013 Urban Paper Art Show and Workshop in Arnsberg, Germany is going on this Saturday, August 24th. If you’re in the area, stop by and see all the amazing paper toys that will be on display and even better, […]

How to Make Pop-Up Cards and Crafts

My friend Jess has a bunch of How To vids about making pop-ups just like the one above.  Check them all out here.  Would you want to see similar videos for Cubeecraft?

Little Evil by Tougui

The latest from Tougui.  Grab the series of 4 colorways here.

Desktop Gremlins

My friend and fellow paper toy artist David Landis has launched a Kickstarter to fund of book of his Desktop Gremlins paper toys.  There is a lot of great stuff included in the book and a lot of great rewards […]

MORE Free Paper Poseables by Josh Buczynski

GO-BO and A-RAC are now available at Paper Poseables! Grab them here.

New Poplocks by Josh Buczynski

New set of Poplocks by Josh Buczynski. Grab them here.

Skull Heads by Josh Buczynski

  From the game Super Crate Box!  Grab them here.

2-PH “Toof” (Poseable Paper Robot) by Josh Buczynski

The first free paper toy by Josh Buczynski to feature his pop-lock articulation, 2-PH “Toof” is available here!