MacBots Now Available!

Two new originals from guest artist Prawnsoda are now available – The Macbot and the iMacBot! Grab them here.


As you may have noticed many websites are blacked out today in response to SOPA.  What is SOPA?  Gizmodo has a great little run down here. (Also thanks to Gizmodo for the above image).  Can’t be bothered to read all […]

Humble Papercraft Bundle: Voxatron Edition

I am a fan of good games, good charities, and good deals – and the folks at Humble Indie Bundle have a history of supporting all three. For the next 11 days you can pay-what-you-will for 3 amazing games: Voxatron, […]

Rise of the Disposable Designer Toy

A nice article about the modern history of paper toys over at The Escapist.

Avengers Teaser

While not the entire teaser trailer that you can see after Captain America: The First Avenger a teaser-teaser trailer has appeared online. It is embedded after the break with a bunch of stills. Meanwhile you can download the above Captain […]

Fail Blooper

A Fail Whale parody I put together as a 3DS Error message concept.  You can see a larger version of the Fail Blooper by itself after the jump.

Super Meat Boy now on XBLA

Super Meat Boy is now available on Xbox Live Arcade.  There are tons of levels, other characters you can be and the game is on sale until November: “As a gift to the fans who have supported us through development, […]

Scott Pilgrim Alternate Ending and Other News

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last week or so, I have been super busy at my day job and super busy in my personal life (of what little there is of it these days anyway).  You may […]


Thanks Mark!