Charlie and Green man now available!

Charlie Kelly and his alter-ego Green Man from the TV series “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” are now available.

Charlie Kelly is played by Charlie Day in the series (created by Rob McElhenney.)

Grab Charlie and Green Man here.

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10 Responses to “Charlie and Green man now available!”

YESSS!!!! Thank you so much for making these. I can’t wait to build them!!

This made my day. The only way it can be topped is the hopefully eventual release of Day-Man and Night-Man.

haha, the acid/football try out episode was awesomeeee

Dayman, aaaahhhaaaaa, fighter of the nightman, aaaahhhaaaaa, champion of the sun! He’s a master of karate and cubees for everyone!

p.s. yes, please make the cast of nightman cometh

so i can numb the pain of missing it live by acting it out with paper toys

these are fantastic!!!! pleaseeeee you gotta make the rest!!!!!

[…] I got a pretty good thing going with green man. […]

i love these~

This is so awesome!!! Thank you!

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