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I’ve created this Cubeecraft to raise awareness of the charity Child’s Play. Child’s Play is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in hospitals worldwide.

You can download the Child’s Play Cubee here.

Check out Child’s Play’s site here.

Check out Child’s Play on Facebook here.

From their site:

“Here’s the deal.

Since 2003, we’ve set up and organized Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide. In five short years, you as a community have answered the call and come together to raise millions of dollars.

That was awesome. You guys have proven over and over again that you are an overwhelming force, and you really came through and made a real difference to the millions of kids that children’s hospitals care for each year. So we’re doing it again this year, only this time we’ve expanded Child’s Play to more hospitals around US and the globe so you can send toys to a hospital a little closer to home.

Child’s Play works the same as last year. With the help of hospital staff, we’ve set up gift wish lists full of video games, toys, and movies. You can go to each hospital’s list and buy a toy, and that toy will be sent to the hospital. Some of these kids are in pretty bad shape. Imagine being stuck alone in a hospital over the holidays, getting something from a fellow gamer would really raise their spirits. Some of the stuff the hospital will give away for kids to keep, while other gifts (like consoles) will be kept by the hospital for patients to use throughout the year.

We are arguably the largest community of gamers on the internet. The important word there being community. We are not a faceless corporation and you are not just a number tracked by a database and then relayed to hungry advertisers. You guys have proven yourselves to be a powerful force when stirred into action. Here is your opportunity to use that power to do some real good.”

To find out more visit their site our join the cause on Facebook.

They also have several items available on their site the proceeds of which will be put right back into the charity – including shirts for men and women, greeting cards and an album:


Track List:

  1. Armcannon – Go Go Power Rangers
  2. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – Kill the Chupacabra
  3. The Grammar Club – Underbeard
  4. Select Start – Terra
  5. The OneUps – Crash Man
  6. MC Lars – The Lint Song
  7. Anamanaguchi – Dawn Metropolis
  8. Michael “Piano Squall” Gluck – Korobeiniki
  9. Freezepop- Pop Music is Not a Crime (Mustin Mix)
  10. MC Frontalot – Better at Rapping
  11. Jonathan Coulton – Still Alive feat. Felicia Day
  12. The Smash Brothers – Onett
  13. Beefy – Game Store Girl
  14. Jake “virt” Kaufman – Plasmatextor
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