Condorman is now available!


Who can save Princess Juliet – held captive by the evil Count Lorca? Who can save the city? Who?

[pauses to put on goggles; in a deeper voice]

Who?… this is a job – for CONDORMAN!

Condorman is now available! (You can grab him here).¬†From the 1981 Disney film “Condorman” starring Michael Crawford (Hello Dolly, Phantom of the Opera) and directed by Charles Jarrott. This movie was a personal favorite of mine when I was little. Though it was technically a Super Hero movie, it had more in common with the James Bond films of the time. It also has an amazing soundtrack by Henry Mancini (Pink Panther, Romeo & Juliet). It’s available to rent of buy on Amazon VOD, but you can also find some nice clips on YouTube if you want to get an idea of what it’s all about.


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