Cubeecraft has swine flu and you can too.


You can get it right here.

Prevent the spread of Swine Flu.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your arm – not your hand.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

For more information visit

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12 Responses to “Cubeecraft has swine flu and you can too.”

HA! Funny way to spread awareness – not that the news isn’t doing a good job trying to scare everyone.

Yeah, but they’ll eventually drop it, when something more spectacular comes along…

Do I sense a Pandemic series starting here?? 😉

This will go nice with my microbe plushies XD

Qurcky, way to respond to the current headlines. Yet, I love what Jon Stewart and Colbert said about the resent news on the outbreak.


[…] Cubeecraft brings us ‘Swine Flu’, which is not only a really great set of words to slap onto a website if you want to drag in the clicks right now, but it’s also a fun interpretation to quell our insanely overblown, exaggerated fears about a potential outbreak, as well as spread awareness. As if Fox News hasn’t already gleefully carved our tombstones. […]

funny and cool just to let you know come up with more that are funny like that

Awesome totally awesome, the coolest thing i’ve seen about swine flu

i dont no if the model and the discription go together

oh no! the swine flu! :(

Hahaha. To me this was easy :) 😀 >:( :@

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