Cubeecraft @ NYCBM

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”  ~Bill Watterson

Despite the weather the New York City Comic Marketplace is still going on Saturday February 27th.  I have a table so if you ever wanted to gawk at me for some reason this would be the time to do it.  (seriously stop by otherwise I might start wondering around and buying up every discount DC Showcase book I can find.  Try reading some Superman comics from the early 60’s – it’s like following a dream, as you are experiencing it it seems real/solid but when you are done and you examine it you are like WTF Superman just through that giant space monkey back in time*?

Oh! I’ll have a few original prints for sale too.  More about those here on the blog soon…

The NYCBM is at the Penn Plaza Pavilion (410 7th Ave – at the corner of 33rd), so it’s right across from Penn Station/Madison Square Garden which means there are a lot of transportation options*.  It opens at 10:30 AM and goes til 7 PM.  Admission is $10.  Lots of people selling comics, toys, movies and related stuff as well as a bunch of artists, writers and actors hanging out.

*this is an actual reference to an actual thing Superman did.

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Titano!!! With his kryptonite vision!!!

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