Cubeecraft Show @ BNW Setup Pics

Setting up with an audience.

More pics after the break and more pics over the next few days.


Brave New Worlds is currently exhibiting the TMNT Show “Shell Shock”, which in addition to a huge stable of talented artists work also features a few new large scale Cubeecraft as well.  Pics soon…

UPDATE: Oversize Designer Original Cubeecraft kits (the ones along the bottom row in the images) were available for sale at the show.  I have had a few inquiries from people looking to purchase kits, I am working with the other artists who contributed work and will have more info soon.

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2 Responses to “Cubeecraft Show @ BNW Setup Pics”

Wow! They’re huuuuge!

You guys should try and do a show in the Detroit area for your next show.

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