Dharma Project Cubeecraft


I put together a Dharma Project Cubeecraft, inspired by the TV series “Lost” and the label project over at maxpictures.com (which you should check out if you are into really nerding out over “Lost”).

It’s currently only available on my Deviantart page here.  You can also find a couple more exclusives there as well.

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15 Responses to “Dharma Project Cubeecraft”

I can’t say I hadn’t had the urge to do this, but I don’t even know people who’s into Lost that would get the joke… But this extensive work on labels is awesome XD

… Dharma orientation video guy Cubee, please! XD (or Shredder if you will 😉 )

It´s great!!! Very easy to do. Up Lost!!!

You have officially made my day!!

This little baby will be built before work, lol.

Thanks a million.



OMG,, This little guy is so awesome!! Printed, made n proud :)!!!

you are now my hero! 😉

ps-shiaoron: that dude in the videos usually calls himself Dr. Marvin Candle, but sometimes he’s Dr. Wickman(freaky). A cubee of him would be so sweet!

of course we will be expecting one for each station. 😉

the guy from the videos is the Dr. Pierre Chang but he changes his name in every video he has been Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund and Dr. Edgar Halliwax (all of the names are related: candle , wax and Wick).
And yes it will be nice to see a Cubee of him but first other characters like Hurley, Desmond or even Ben

@ tyler: He has many aliases, but AFAIK his name was neverrevealed.

@ puquak: damn right ^^

you know, i might be able to make one for each station. it’s really not that hard because i already have his template

remembering the stations is the hard part..
ok- the swan, the orchid, the pearl, the looking glass, the arrow, the flame,…. what am i forgetting?

Orientation video guys actual name in the show is Pierre Chang.

I love LOST, but this cube sucks!

I think you mean “…this CUBEE sucks.”

Also your constructive criticism could use work. Try explaining WHY it sucks. I LIKE it because of the minimalistic approach, the UPC #’s and logos on the back and because I think it’s interesting that it’s not really a character or an accessory. (also i like Lost)

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