DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneone

From user SnakeMGL comes this video of exactly what NOT to do with a Cubeecraft.

I cannot emphasize enough what a bad idea this is.

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9 Responses to “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneone”

hellboy burning was sweet! how bout some sapien in a glass of water ?

OMFG! that’s sacrilegious!!
but it does give birth to a nice idea, a cubee of hell boy post awakening when his horns are full with a flame between them and his rock fist all lit up!! that would be nice.

it’s the MOST boring video than I have ever seen… 😀

by saying NOT to try this, i think many will actually attempt this now.

@Tyler: LOL By that logic, the title to the post should have been “TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!!111oneone” which is exactly what we would have done. (Although we are DEFINATELY are more likely to do it now than in the previous situation, thanks to the natural human way of us wanting “The Forbidden Fruit” (mmm… Pomegranites)
P.S. Too much? Too observent?

Wow… I wrote a lot.

LOL i would never burn my cubees! Theyre too precious!

By the way check this Youtube Member, he’s done two animations with cubees, and he’s going to start a series of videos involving alot of cubees, with a storyline to it, Sounds very interesting, so check it out:

to Andrew:

to Respeto6:
I burn my cubee not only for fun. I just has 2 Hellboys. One was black & white and another is in color. So I burn b/w cubee for fun

and again:

omg.. lol.. it actually looks pretty cool around the 45 second mark.

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