Dropout who?

Yesterday I received a cease and desist letter from Takashi Murakami’s lawyers asking that a certain model be removed. (Sorry Kanye).

It is never the intent of Cubeecraft to imply association with any of the owners of any of the properties that are represented on this page.  Indeed many owners don’t seem to mind or are even supportive of the site and the work.  Some even see that there may be value in having them around.

Cubeecraft started as a fan art site and will continue to be a fan art site – Apparently we just aren’t allowed be fans of Mr.Murakami.

Thanks you again to b0b for his wonderful guest artist submission.  I’m sorry it had to come down under these circumstances.

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17 Responses to “Dropout who?”

Shame. I’m sure if it could be conveyed just what this site is about they would understand, but some people just won’t give you the opportunity to plead your case. I guess I can see how seeing your property on a strange site would give you a knee-jerk legal reaction though.

Wow what a bone headed move on Takashi Murakami part. I seriously dont get how someone would be upset about fan art. Your not selling anything thus no profit would be lost and great publicity. Mind boggling….

From Wikipedia: He appropriates popular themes from mass media and pop culture, then turns them into thirty-foot sculptures, “Superflat” paintings, or marketable commercial goods such as figurines or phone caddies.

Ouch! Irony overload!

Oh well, his loss.

Wow. At least Kanye liked it! I’m glad I downloaded mine before it got removed.

for a guy who is heralded as the second coming of Warhol, he seems awfully sensitive about people borrowing and celebrating his work.

I question how much of this decision is in his hands as opposed to the lawyers that represent him, IE the case of the Gears of War Munny by our friend Emilio.

Wow that sucks, good thing i downloaded him already! 😀

I guess you could call that model a really limited edition :)

what a douche hole

Uh-oh, I didn’t save it. Anyone got an imageshack link?

contact at rowicl@hotmail.com with it, even tho i dont make them, i collect limiteds, ask bob to send it me cubee dude.

im back btw

or w/e submitted it lol

I find it very surprising anyone would threaten legal action for giving them free publicity….

I’m not really a kanye fan, but I have to build this one out of spite now 😛

The best way to honour another person’s work is to reinterpretate it. Too bad that not everyone understands that concept.

By any chance, this moron isn’t related to Prince, is he?

hmm :-/


Actually, Kanye posted about the cubee bear in his blog. I think it’s safe to say he liked it.


It was Takashi Murakami that had a problem with it, since he designed that version of the Kanye bear.

oh no!should´ve download it when i had the time…to late now…. snif…takashi stinks!

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