El Chapulin Colorado is now available!

From the tv series of the same name. Created and played by Roberto Gomez Bolaños.

Get him in the pop-culture section.

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¡ Chanfle !

I always wonder. How did you find out all these weird characters.


I did want him to be made(I’ve thought about it), but I can’t say I really expected it XD

Where’s the hammer? :(

LOL my mom will love this one! She used to see that show!

Really dig that! Chapulin is very famous here in Brazil!

Awesome model. I love that Cubee is spreading worldwide.

I just noticed you fixed the release numbers, Thank you!

Make this cubees plzzzzz..

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Chuck (Toy Killer)
Wolverine (X-men)
Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
Squal (Final Fantasy VIII)
Magneto (X-men)
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Ichigo (Bleach)
Saint Seiya
Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter)
Mortal Kombat

Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
Link (Zelda Wind Waker)
Yoda (Star Wars)
Samus (Metroid)
Duke Nukem
Billy and Mandy
Yu Yu Hakusho
Arthas (Word of Warcraft)


Great… but 1 thing… Where is his “Chipote Chillon”? That’s the name of his hammer


And if you don’t know him; this is a mexican character; in fact, the simpson’s character who dress like a Bee (I believe his name at english is Bumble Bee Man) is based on the Chapulin Colorado

Heyyyyy Why did u erase my last comment? :S

Holy cow! Chapulin is like a god in Brazil. His show, along with El Chavo from Bolaños too, is on TV since 1980’s!

Great Character, it´s a Icon of the Mexican Culture. ¡No contaban con su astucia!

¡Todo lo tengo friamente calculado!

Como diría Lucas Tañeda: graciasssss muchas graciassssss

gran trabaJo CUBECRAFT!!

Thank you sooooooooo much for El Chapulin!!!! It is the best Cubee ever!!!!!!!! We download your cubees here in Costa Rica all the time and I wasn’t expecting a cubee from our culture !!

Could anyone please send me Kaikai, Kiki and Dropout Bear?
Should’ve known better than to lend my papercrafts pendrive to my sister ¬¬
I managed to get all the other limited Cubees, only these 3 missing… And LOTS of non-Cubee papercraft :/
I do have them all assembled, but I like to keep backups in case I ever want to make another for some reason(damage, duplicate, give to someone, or even make it again years from now).

My email is shiaoran at gmail.com

Thanks in advance.

Oh, I forgot about the AAW limited ones… Don’t really like them, but gotta have ’em all XD

That’s one of my favorites characters from tv…. thanks!

i’m from brazil and i love this show! nice toy 😉

Very nice!!
No contaban con mi astucia, siganme los buenos!!!

Hacete uno de Super-Hijitus ya que estás

and “the chipote chillón? it was his weapon! you know like a big red plastic hammer

i love this series and this char. thanks master chris thanks…

Exelente es un personaje que jamas pense encontrar aqui 😀 super creo en el club podemos trabajar con lo del chipote chillon y al amigo wirzma:

WIRZMA: what a big list. foud our club in Deviant art in there. we have 1 or 2 of your list

This Website rules!!!! MOre cubs for the people!

No contaban con su astucia!!!! jajajajaj buenisimo sin duda alguna arriba el chapu..

from brazil.
tanx to pay homage to south-american super-heroe.

Great! I just needed something like Kim Chen Un, and this fits perfectly) I’ll just correct the letters on the shirt)

wow the best old school,
please do
JASON(friday 13)
Family guy
south park pleaseeee

numa Rifado el chapulin eaea

pero si falto el chipote chillon pero nu hay tousz
espero i saken al chabo de el ocho q tambien es una leyenda

kn chespirito
o al chanfle
personaje = de chespirito numa i love chespirito

es el mejor komediante de mexico

de todos losz tiemposz
see espero agan uno de el chavo del 8 o de kiko

o tambien uno d eun buen payaso aka en mexiko



se me kuidan q anden bn arre
si q si

I always thought the cubes were kind of silly, but coudln’t resist doing this one. Waht’s worse, I think it’ll catch on!

True, the Chipote Chillon is missing, hope you can update it sometime.

Jajaja nice, my son will love´t

Great Latinoamerican Hero !!! Y el chipote chillon, era su arma contra los enemigos…siganme los buenos !!

I would like you to put the available cub el chavo very grateful for it

Muy buen modelo para armar, esperamos todavía el Cahavo del 8 , a Quico, Don Ramón, sigan así, gracias.

ooohh no y ahora ¿Quien podrá defenderme? YO, EL CHAPULIN COLORADO- awesome dude thats a classic mexican hero, i love it! <3

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