Election ’08 Cubeecraft now available! (Limited Edition!)

The 2008 US Presidential candidates are here… but which one will stay?  Obama or McCain?

After the votes are counted and a new president has been decided the man who did not win will be removed from the site!

Get both of them while you can!

Check out the Cubeecraft Election ’08 page here.

A larger illustration of the models can be found here.

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49 Responses to “Election ’08 Cubeecraft now available! (Limited Edition!)”

This is AWESOME. :)

Where’s Palin and Biden?

Just kidding, I think the Cubees are awesome!

Awesome cubees!!
Love limited editions! :)

Very. Well. Done.Sir.

Excellent form.

If I wasn’t such a fan of cubees, I wouldn’t have bothered getting these ones.
Being Canadian, I have less interest in American politics than I have for Canadian politics…and I have absolutely no interest in Canadian politics…

Still…very well done. They’ll make very interesting additions to the collection, indeed.

HA! Very nice! If these have not been forwarded to the campaigns and the news then they should be. See? Politics can accomplish something.

Off my Soap Cube, They are so fun looking and great little additions.

why doesn’t the mccain have floppy ears?

What about Bob Barr? or Chuck Baldwin??

Ron Paul?

Haha, nice. I want a Huckabee just because I like his name.

I always think the tag line to every election should be the same as Alien vs. Predator: “Whoever wins, we lose.”

I like how you gave Obama cut-out ears (which he has). In case there’s retaliation, you should give McCain more wrinkles or something.

Like that one guy said above, Vice Prez’s plz. Also RON PAUL RON PAUL PON RAUL

Obama has floppy ears, McCain should have floppy jowls, heh.

These are fantastic! But McCain needs bigger cheeks. 😛

Wheres McCain’s bulging left cheek?

vote for obama!

I’ve made both of them and they are currently battling each other to the death.

D: I thought there were going to be new models every day this week? Gimmie?

How long are these cubees going to be available?

I have to say, I love how the Obama one has pull-outable ears. Made me laugh for a bit at what a truly distinguishing feature it is. XD

*** These are FANFREAKINTASTIC *** I agree though…we need the VP’s as well!


Wow these are so cool! I had never heard of cubecrafts before and love the ideas! It would be awesome if you could do Palin and Biden! And what about Hillary? Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Love your Cubees – but I agree with others – we need Palin and Biden. For me I’ve copied and assembled and intend to put them on my coffee table and as they debate and discuss over the next 2 months I will flick them off the table if I don’t like what they have to say!!! A little innocent aggression! Thanks – you’ve saved me tons of therapy costs!

Love these cubees! I agree with some of the other posters. VPs Please! Maybe a Palin with a gun attachment or a skinned bison! :)

Hello from germany!
Yes, please make the “vice”-candidates!
And – because you have always in the states the politicans have the family members….pleas make these alos!



Yup, great cubes! ^_^

vote for McCain!

I agree with Gerd! Let’s have Sarah Palin!

absolute brilliance everytime with the cubees – this one tho is a true collectible – thank you cubees – thank you obama!! greetings from an overjoyed australia…

How clever! As a quilter, I’m wondering if you would mind if I were to expand the size and do this in fabric?

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Wat did obama do tou mc cain oh wait hes the preasedent and ur not!!!!!!
lol dude take a chille pill?????Hahaha mc cain ur so laim

i like it is really nice

obama is the president

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I am new to this site…this is great. I am a teacher and would love to share both Obama and McCain with a fellow history teacher. Is there any way that I could get the McCain cubee?

Make more Maybe past prezes

j’adore OBAMA !!!!!!!

very good

I’m from Russia. Periodically look at the interesting sites for their children. This site is great! Thank you! There is what to do!

nice work

I built the Obama one.

ok dis was gud til u took mccain away

What about Putin or Bush? We need a Putin!!!

what happened to the michelle obama cubeecrafts?


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