How do I print the designs? Please check out the printing help page here.

What kind of paper should I use? Standard printer paper should be fine – however I usually build mine on a 110 lb. card stock which is sturdier and inexpensive (less than $10 for 250 sheets). If you go the cardstock route be sure to score your folds before you fold them, this will make for cleaner folds. For further printing help go here.

Ok, it’s printed… now what do i do?

All you need to do now is cut and fold!


1. Cut out the shapes on the page. Scissors will work but a hobby knife will give you nice straight lines if you use a metal ruler.


2. Using an empty pen or a paperclip score the lines you will be folding – it will ensure a cleaner fold.


3. Fold!

4. Fold the tabs into the corresponding slots.


(Tabs should go inside the main shape! There shouldn’t be any tabs sticking out when you are done.)

5. Each of the 5 mina pieces of the body – head, torso, arm, s and legs – will connect by being “plugged in”. Be sure to match the labelled tabs just like you did before!


6. All done!


Do you have an RSS feed? Yes.

There are over 200 designs here! Who makes all these? A number of the designs on the site are by guest artists – however the majority are all done by 1 guy – Chris Beaumont. If you don’t see “Cubee is the creation of guest artist…” it is by Chris.

Ok enough with the third person...

I missed one of the limited edition models! Can you send it to me? Sorry but they are called “limited edition” for a reason. Here is a list of the models you may have missed:

  • Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV
  • Kiki
  • Kaikai
  • John McCain
  • Kanye Bear
  • Spongebob
  • Kenny
  • Stan

Do you take requests? I like to hear what people would be interested in seeing on the site – but I offer no guarantee’s and I pretty much just do what I want anyway. If you have a request please post it in the comments here.

What do the difficulty ratings mean? There is not a strict way of rating each model but the general idea is given below.

In theory 1 scissor is the easiest and 5 is the hardest. That being said – Every model on Cubeecraft is designed to be as easily as possible to build. There is currently no model even rated as high as 5 on the site.

This is a general breakdown:

1 scissor.This is the most basic Cubeecraft. Cutting out the shapes and slitting the lines for the tabs will be the most extensive cutting required and the folds are very basic.
2 scissors.This means there is a shape that needs to be cut with an exacto besides a straight line (such as a beard or other detail.)
3 scissors. This means there is an additional part or two not seen on normal Cubee’s that will need to be attached.
4 scissors.This means that there are various additional parts not seen on normal Cubee’s that will need to be attached and that those parts may seem more complex somehow.
5 scissors.No idea what this means – there has not been a Cubee yet who was rated above a 4.

I would like to submit a Cubee and become a guest artist! That isn’t a question! Oh well. If you feel compelled to create a Cubeecraft character and want to submit it to the site for possible posting you can find submission guidelines here.

You just said artist! Is Cubeecraft art? This body of work is a paper based “installation” functioning as an interactive community project; self coined “Cubeecraft”. “Cubee”, pronounced “kyoob-ee”, takes “cube”, the geometric form underlying each design, and adds “ee” to denote the cutification and miniaturization of each subject. “Craft” describes the handmade approach to my premise and its relation to the ancient and modern practices of paper-craft generally.

The subject matter of each Cubee is heavily grounded in the subset of pop culture sometimes referred to as “geek culture”; each piece personifying concepts spanning from classical literature to the newest video game. Originally inspired by commercial package design, I fine tuned the Cubees structure for over a year in advance of launching it to the public. Cubees are meant to be quick and user friendly.

>Download-able and easy to assemble, the Cubees are an internationally shared project. Popular in Brazil, sold (without permission or commission) on the streets in Thailand, used in classrooms in Japan and in American Ikea displays, “Cubeecraft” appeals to a visceral need to build, and a cultural need to represent our ideas in abbreviated fashion.

Or, in not so many words – yes

May I take or create a Cubeecraft and use it to promote my website/company/property, enter it in a contest, make T-Shirts or other apparel, give it away as a Kickstarter Reward, use it in a game or commercial of some kind? NO. Cubeecraft is intended for private use and not to be used in a commercial capacity without permission!

If you are interested in a commission or licensing the template for commercial or promotional use (including press kits, official downloads, books, pre-printed premiums, or other type of giveaway) please contact me.  Prices are given on a case by case basis.

Clients include:

Arcana Heart 3/Aksys Games
Batman: Brave and the Bold/Penguin Publishing/DC Comics
BlazBlue/ZEN-United/Arc System Works
Carnival Cruiselines/Arnold Worldwide
Cheetos/Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/Meebo
Declaration 1776
Green Lantern (2011 film)/Penguin Publishing/DC Comics
Lego Star Wars/LucasArts/Take Two Productions
Penny Arcade/Hothead Games
Princess Bride Game/Worldwide Biggies
Ranch Rush/Fresh Games
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chonicles/Capcom
Scott Pilgrim/Oni Press/NBC Universal
Spongebob Squarepants/Penguin Publishing/Nickelodeon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic X, Dinosaur King/4Kids Entertainment
Wario DIY/Nintendo/Leo Burnette
The Witcher/CD Projekt Red

I would like to advertise on your site, how do I go about that?
The best way to advertise with Cubeecraft.com is to commission your own paper model. Please contact me for more info.

May I print out and sell Cubeecraft templates at a convention, flea market, fundraiser etc? NO. I am asked this pretty often and I’m not sure why since they are available online for free, but you cannot sell Cubeecraft designs! I am not affiliated (unless otherwise noted) with any of the intellectual property owners! I will never grant permission to sell a Cubeecraft based on a character I did not create! Keep in mind that if you are able to get permission from the IP holder that is great – but you still need my permission as well (see above about licensing the template).

The front page doesn’t seem to have any content, just empty white boxes.  Why for is this? You probably have some kind of ad blocker enabled that prohibits the viewing of 300×250 images or openX items.

How often do you update? What’s the best way to find the latest and greatest? I try to have something new at least once a week, though often there are multiple updates.  Following the blog is probably the best way. Facebook and Twitter are also good.


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