Having Problems Viewing the Homepage?

If you are having trouble viewing the homepage this may be because you have an ad blocker running.  It seems many ad blockers mistake the images on the homepage with ads because they are 300×250 – a common ad size.  If you add cubeecraft.com to your ad blocker list of exceptions you should be good to go.

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13 Responses to “Having Problems Viewing the Homepage?”

Good to know.

quiero conocer todas las figuuras

I’ve tried to find where i can change the configuration of the ad blocker but i cant find it
and this is not the only webpage i cant watch pics :(

i haven´t installed an ad blocker but i cant see anything!

Hi there,

It isn’t so much the size that has our firewall blocking it, it is the passing through of links to openx.org that is causing our firewall to mark it as advertising and block it. Could we get an alternate home page that doesn’t pass through openx?

I agree with Sean. It is because the entire site is passing links thru openx.org (marketing, advertisement, tracking site). Yes, adding it to the exception list of your ad blocker would solve the problem of viewing the site, but the defeats the purpose of the ad blocker software, to block sites like openx.org.

How can I add your website or openx.org to the exception list. I’m using IE8, WinXP.

el mio no se arregla y no se como arreglarlo ayuda¡¡¡¡¡

el mio no se arregla y no se como repararlo

Hey I need to know where is the search to see al the paper crafts

That’s not the problem for me. It’s just that ads are blocking the images, not allowing me to click on the image. Instead, I might click on the ad.

I CANT find the gold zodiac knights

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