Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft + Video

You may have seen pictures of the Howl’s Moving Castle papercraft around the net but I haven’t seen anyone else attempt it until now.  Ben Millet took 72 hours across 3 weeks to complete the model ( and it looks awesome ). He recorded a time lapse of the construction which you can see above.

Up to the challenge yourself?  You can download the Howl’s Moving Castle papercraft via here (it’s almost 50 MB!).

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5 Responses to “Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft + Video”

The link you posted is to the much EASIER version of HMK. The version you have pictured is much more intense.

Very cool! My girlfriend and I went to the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, and they had a completed one there. My girlfriend loves that movie and thought it was really cool.

Respect! Also, drool.
PS: Loved the cat cameo! 😀

This video inspired me to do the same for the flying version of the model. Here is the video:

I also have detailed instructions for anyone interested in building it:

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